Congratulations are in order as Casey Bird, who has been Front of House at The Atrium for five years, has just been promoted to Assistant Cover Manager!! Here’s a little about Casey and her time at LAH so far;

I came to work for LAH through my friend Alex Milne after we graduated drama school. She said they were a great company for actors as they were flexible for auditions and other commitments and to be honest it sounded too good to be true at first!

I was made aware of the Assistant Cover Manager opening through my managers Julie and Nicolle, they said a position had opened up and they thought I’d be a great fit for it. Having been at The Atrium for just over 5 years it seemed like a good time to explore the opportunity further.

My advice for fellow LAH’ers looking to grow within the company would be to always stay open minded, show what you’re good at and communicate. I always try to find common ground with people, no matter how small, as it can make a corporate relationship feel more connected and open!

The best thing about working at LAH is the unexpected friendship I made with my job share Karen. She’s a huge part of my life now and I have LAH to thank! However as a wider benefit I think the thing I like most about LAH is the flexibility and work/home life balance. It really is the perfect company for parents looking for part time/creatives/students: people who have other businesses and they really do care about the other parts of your life!

Congratulations again to Casey!






July 2024