Birmingham Business Park launched a monthly Menopause Café to help both employees and employers access information and advice. The monthly session is run by Menopause Activist, Aline Boblin, and is an informative get together for people of all genders to come together to discuss all things peri and post menopause related. Aline Boblin says: “The aim is to break the taboo and increase awareness of the impact of the menopause transition on those experiencing it, their family, friends, and their colleagues. Want to share some tips? Bring them along! Have a specific question about something bugging you with the menopause? You can ask others on the day or message us the week before! Want to bring a friend, or two? Sure! The more, the merrier! We welcome all ages, all genders, and all walks of life.”

Lori Henebury adds: “We’re delighted to launch our menopause café, where we’ll be brewing up more than just tea and coffee. This will be an opportunity for our community to come together in a supportive space to start the conversation about menopause.”



November 2023