This week Deborah Hayhoe, Park Engagement Manager at Farnborough Aerospace Centre, hosted a Bike Donation campaign over Tuesday lunchtime by supporting local charity BikeStart.

“The campaign was well supported by our occupiers, and we received 9 bikes and 2 kids scooters! The charity was very pleased as the bikes were good quality and will only need minimal maintenance before being sold. BikeStart carry-out maintenance on the bikes then sell them via their eBay shop, proving to be a sustainable way of purchasing your next bike! The Proceeds will go to the sister charity The Source Young People’s Charity – helping to support young people in the Rushmoor area.

Bikes that are still roadworthy but not good enough to sell are serviced & given to help those in need, so they can cycle to school / work. Plus the weather was on our side, chilly but sunny & dry. Always a bonus!”

Deborah | Park Engagement manager

February 2023