The team at  Farnborough Aerospace Centre are pleased to announce that the ’Ascent’ scheme on the park are winners of a Gold Award at this year’s Green Apple Environment Awards. The scheme is dedicated to recognising, rewarding and promoting environmental best practice around the world.

“Our submission included – Sustainable initiatives & Fairtrade products in both our on-site Café’s. Our engineer uses a scooter to get around and the Café has a bike to get supplies from their store. The hard work paid off as we have been presented with our ‘Green Apple’ which takes pride of place in the reception of our Ascent 1 building.” – Debora | Park Engagement Manager

Bug hotels, bee hives & bird boxes in their gardens. Light replacement scheme with LED’s. EV charging points for all occupiers. Various charitable collections & donations. Solar panels on the roof. Reduced flushing in the toilets. Extensive refurbishment of existing office buildings plus a new Café made from recycled shipping containers.

All of these small changes work towards making one big difference. The work they’re doing at Farnborough Aerospace Centre is the direction we should all be going in. LAH and all the team are extremely proud to be a part of it!

November 2022