“This year at Concorde Park we have decided to support a local charity, The Brett Foundation, They’re local to Maidenhead, help the homeless and families in need. They also provide an amazing after school club which my son attends.

I have set up food and clothing donation boxes throughout the 3 buildings that I look after.  Having already done 2 drop offs which included sleeping bags, warm clothing ,toiletries and a large amount of food.  

I am working with little, or no budget so have been trying to think of ways I can do more.  I produced the Sweet Jar . Tenants will pay £1 to guess how many sweets are in the Jar. I have spent under £12 creating this and will be donating all money raised to the foundation. I have also assisted Stabilo in helping donate 960 times table pencils to the Brett Foundation after school clubs as they are always looking for ideas to entertain the children they look after.”

Nikki | Receptionist | Concorde Park


28th November 2022