On August the 19th, The Capital hosted a pop-up shop for Think Wine Group – a UK based, multiple award winning wine company. Their wines are made in Italy from the finest Treviso grapes and created with the perfect blend of flavours to create palatable wines that have a fresh and revitalising finish, despite all of the health conscious benefits.

Think Wine are 100% vegan/ organic and low sulphites wines. The pop-up shop was set-up in Atrium and was open not only to the tenants, but all visitors of the Capital.

A lot of people showed interest and were in attendance to taste a free sample and buy a bottle/box/gift bag for themselves, family or friends. The pop-up stall display was well-executed, attracting customers with it’s branded gift-bags, a range of different-sized products, posters and a lovely wine-cooler.

During the day, our clients had the opportunity to choose between two flavours: rose and sparkling wine. Gift bags also included different-flavoured gin and chocolates. One of the gift bags was donated (as part of the agreement for pop-up stalls) to the building, making it the perfect raffle gift for the charity (The Capital chosen Alder Hey children’s charity) fundraiser.

The Think Wine representatives were professional and approachable, delivering a lot of interesting information about the product and making everyone feel welcome, which is definitely helping to encourage tenant engagement.

19th August 2022